Audrey-Ève Goulet is a Montreal painter who has been developing her practice since 2020. She creates abstract, colorful and captivating works that carry a story. Her paintings are displayed in a studio in the Plateau Mont-Royal, an essential place for the creative process where the initial idea is born. Audrey-Ève is lucky to have collectors all over the world; from Montreal to Germany, to New York and Dominican Republic, her art travels a lot. Having started her university in Fine Arts, Audrey-Ève received a scholarship to study at the Factry, the school of science of creativity. She is now pursuing her studies in arts at UQAM.

Artist statement

I have always been fascinated by music, by the way certain words sung to a certain rhythm can make us vibrate, make us dream. When I was 8, I bought my first CD, The Jackson Five. Since then, my brushstrokes have always been guided by the soul and funk music that I listen to while painting (my repertoire has diversified since then, I have bought other CDs.) I am inspired a lot by this force that music has to make us travel in my art. Through fluid movements, intense colors and semi-recognizable shapes, I tell stories in my creations.

Through abstract art, these stories are interpreted differently and freely by everyone. Some more realistic elements are hidden in my works, which can give a clue to a direction, a trace of my creative process. Despite my own will, it is the eye of the observer who will discover a form, a movement, an object, a mood or an emotion that they will interpret in their own way. I start a piece with a theme or a color in mind, but I never impose a desired end result on myself. I let myself be inspired by the rhythm of the music and my movements follow intuitively. By mixing tools, techniques and layers of paint, I manage to create distinct universes in each of my paintings, even if often the final work has had many retouchings, many layers. What you see is not only what you get. Look again.